It’s a bit drab. The weather, the lengthening but still dark days, the mood in the Kaserei. Personal drama and dynamics in this place have always baffled me, and I am trying to rise above it. 

For a while it was hard for me to run in the morning, as I start my job at 6 in the morning. But I know, it will lift me up and thus decide to put myself first. I mean, I run everyday at 5am; first thing I do in the morning is for myself. It is still dark, but the fresh air makes a world of difference.

In the afternoon, I always try to get a little forest walk in, the leaves are wet underfoot and dark brown to almost black in color, good soil I think. And then suddenly there it is, brightening my mood exponentially: Witch Butter!

Tremella mesenterica, also known by names such as yellow brain, golden jelly fungus, and witch butter. Its fruit is a beautiful bright orange in moist conditions. On top of it, it is edible.