Last night it rained and this morning the sun, filtered through the trees, created that special atmosphere, perfect for running. And there she was on the path in front of me, the mother deer. Or so I assumed. I was told by the friends of the family, the alpine guide and forest specialist, that the mother deer teaches the little one to stay put until she returns.


With this kind of weather the flowers in the pasture are abundant, time to get serious about the cubic meter and the variation of plants available in the goat diet. Not only do they eat in the meadow, but today they also went for a browsery walk in the forest, where one of their favorite vegetables is FERN.


It reminded me of an image from the Tacuimum di Vienna, (if I am not mistaken), which I saw last Saturday in Trento, at a small exhibition of illuminated manuscripts of plants and herbs.

(“Antichi ERBARI della Biblioteca di Trento”, Cappella Vantini di Palazzo Thun, Trento,  April 17-June 29, 2014)