A short, much needed, farm-life break to visit friends and family, also gave me a chance to visit the exhibition Trembling Landscapes, Between Reality and Fiction, at Eye film museum in Amsterdam. Under this title, the exhibition shows the work of “Eleven Artists from the Middle East” who work with film and video to engage in relationship with the land, as a source of identity, history, tradition, territory and imagination. Very different stories, depending on the history of the artists themselves, where they come from,  but also the approach they have taken. A region known for violent conflict, it is refreshing to watch these works, while stemming from these conflicts present a more complex, humanistic side of the story. 

The Middle East, a colonial term, land between the Near and far East, if taking the perspective of the, Eurocentric West. Mesopotamia, the Fertile Crescent, fertile lands between the Euphrates and the Tigris, the cradle of civilization. The Levant, Al-Mashriq, there where the sun rises. Older names that color the region in a different light. It is also what these artists do. 

Eye Film Museum:

https://www.eyefilm.nl/tentoonstelling/trembling-landscapes ; open until January 3, 2021

photo of current exhibition: work by Jananne Al-Ani  – Shadow Sites –
photo of current exhibition: work by Ali  Cherri – Trembling Landscapes
photo of current exhibition: work by Larissa Sansour – Nation Estate