No this is not about some exotic way to unearth precious mushrooms in the Dutch polder land. It is a translation of the names of the two dogs I am currently looking after, Truffel & Bliksem. They are super sweet and funny, and each has a distinct but very different character, behaving together like an old, odd couple.

Animals (and plants) can teach us valuable lessons, at least that is the idea of the fable, in which anthropomorphized animals, plants, and inanimate objects take on human qualities to reflect something back to us. Living with Truffel and Bliksem has been very enjoyable, but also confronting. Like living in an animated fable, they have shown me, and taught me something about myself, especially regarding my recently ended long-time relationship.

When it is time to move on, I will remember Truffel and Bliksem, they will guide me on the road ahead.