Today I run in the direction of the observatory and decide to circle Monte San Lorenzo over the top. A moderate run because I have to work in the field later in the day. Sun, no clouds, but the temperature is not too high and part of the road is shaded.

Beyond the observatory the dirt road turns into a single-track trail, I can’t run too fast because I get entangled in the blackberry bush. I hear small animals and keep my eyes on the track. This year there are many snakes around, we find a lot of eggs in the crocus field, but I think the rustling sounds are mainly made by the small, beautifully green, lizards.

I get back on a bigger road; turn of here and there on some dead end roads in the Adriatic direction to enjoy the view. I think to myself that it is actually hard to get lost because there are so many viewpoints to do some mental triangulation. Famous last words.Slide15




I pass Ca’Secco, run up hill to where the road connects at a sharp angle to the paved road. I keep running but now downhill. I know this is not right; I had planned to circle Monte San Lorenzo on the top. Running down hill is so nice so I indulge. When I almost reach a big river, Torrente Conca, I stop. I can’t remember if there is another way back to my ‘nest’ if I continue along the river. I turn around and run back up the hill, a gently slope, nice running, and a lot of cyclists on this road. Now I’m headed in the right direction, running down from San Lorenzo. A short, but very enjoyable run.




my track today…