This week for dinner the healthy version of this dish, instead of deep fried, the eggplant slices are grilled.

By now you know about the cultural variation in Südtirol and this also extends to food. Vea , who is originally from Tuscany, introduced me to the profound relationship to olive oil. YOU USE LOTS. Whereas her partner grew up near Lake Caldonazzo, more butter than oil.

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ENCORE… A sad day in the vegetable garden

I love strong women. I like the goats because they have a mind of their own and are proficient in crossing boundaries and jumping any fence. But this morning Kumba escaped from the barn and ate many of the young peas, the first produce Vea plans to sell in the market.

In Italy there is a proverb to say that two things don’t go together, you do not mix CAPRI & CAVOLO, in this case we would like to add, do not mix CAPRI & PISELLI.

She’d better produce some nutritious milk…