The goats eat out everyday. Sometimes in the forest but most of the time they browse the meadow. The meadow has a movable fence and today it was time to get them to fresh pasture. The slope of this mountain is very steep and this procedure of fence-moving requires nothing less than BECOMING GOAT-LIKE.


In Greek and Roman mythology the goat-like creature, who is half man half goat is known as Satyr. Apparently, a female version was a later invention of poets; these Satyresses who roamed the woods and mountains, where not unknown to artists in the Renaissance.


It is a strange to realize that there that there are connections between the things you chose to do and enjoy, the way you view the world and how people in the past thought in similar ways.

Satire of course, is also known as a literary form. Roman satire is a poetic essay that was a medium for biting, subversive social and political criticism, as a force in opposition to urbanity, decorum, and civilization itself.