The challenges for small-scale farmers are many, from weather related, a typhoon causing a crop failure in Okinawa, to policy related, such as labeling requirements and certifications. In Italy, as in many other areas in the world the agricultural landscape is changing and in part has to do with access to land (decreasing for small-holders). This not only changes the agricultural landscape but is also changing the way food is produced.


Land Concentration, land grabbing and people’s struggles in Europe, published by the Transnational Institute (TNI for European Coordination Via Campesina and Hands of the Land network. 2013 Slide20

But, Italy is also the origin of the slow-food movement

and other farming and food related initiatives

I am enjoying the food from the source, but also learning how difficult it can be to be self-sustainable, let alone feed others from small scale and organic farm productivity. The goat cheese is a case in point. So good, but not profitable to sell on the market, in part because of high production cost, but even more due to rules and regulations for selling fresh products.